Bath Bars and Face Bars

Our bath bars are pH balanced, and do not strip  natural oils off your skin like most alkaline soaps do.

Red Clay Gentle Body Bar contains a concentrate of iron to improve cutaneous elasticity and soften skin. With the addition of apple stem and tomato extract, your skin will be protected from free radicals that can cause rapid cell aging. 

Yellow Clay Gentle Body Bar can be used in combination skins with revitalizing and toning effects. With jojoba and shea butter to sooth sensitive skin and act as a natural skin moisturizer. 

Ecobar Face Bars are soap-free and cleanses your skin without drying.

Hyaluronic Acid is an active natural ingredient in Ecobar Moisture Retention Gentle Face Bar. Proven to strengthen skin's natural barrier to reveal firmer, denser and smoother skin. 

The extract of Magnolia Kobus, a deciduous tree native to Japan and Korea, contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is used in Ecobar Acne Control Face Bar.