About Us

EcobarSG is a young company based in Singapore with the vision of offering an affordable range of ecofriendly lifestyle alternatives to the masses. Our vision is to convince the average consumer to make small incremental changes in their personal journey to be more environmentally conscious. EcobarSG is founded by three regular Joes (to be technically accurate, it's one Joe and two Janes) who cannot claim to be ecowarriors by any measure, but are striving to make more conscious choices with their purchases and actions. Our central belief is that sustainability is not just a concept for the affluent, and that ecofriendly alternatives should be accessible to everyone. Our bars are crafted to not only be better for your skin and your hair, but to be an alternative that makes sense - both economically and environmentally.  

Ecobar products are formulated with natural ingredients, are 100% biodegradable, vegan and not tested on animals. Each bar is infused with nourishing natural goodness to pamper your hair and skin. With Ecobar, you can be assured of getting quality at a great price.  Ecobar is made the Philippines, supporting the local population of that region. 

Benefits of Shampoo Bars

You can reach us at ecobarsg@gmail.com or on Instagram @ecobarsg.

EcobarSG LLP (T20LL1750K)