Savon Foaming Bottle

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- 1 foaming glass bottle only


With Savon, you never have to throw away a plastic soap bottle again. Just refill one bottle with our sustainable powder for life. Most liquid cleaners are 90% water and 10% active ingredients. Our formula gives you the essential 10% in fully biodegradable paper packaging. All you need to do is add water to make your very own cleaning solution. Since Savon is meant to be refilled in a single bottle forever, you never need to toss another soap bottle again.


How do I make my liquid hand soap?

- Fill - Fill the bottle with water up to the black dotted line

- Pour - Pour/Squeeze the formula** into the bottle*

- Clean - Clean your hands (best to wash for 20 seconds)!

*If there is clumping, add some water into the sachet and then squeeze the formula into the bottle. Shake the bottle. The formula will completely dissolve in due time. Warm water will speed up the dissolving process, but cold or room temperature water does the job just as well!

**To purchase the formula, please refer to our listing. We have a bundle deal if you are looking to get the foaming bottle and the formula together